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Your CONSULTATION includes a comprehensive skin assessment and personalized education. Our non-surgical treatment options can help you address the following common conditions:

  • ACNE – A condition marked by the eruption of red pimples, especially in face, back and chest.
  • AGE SPOTS – Brown patches of discoloration, most commonly found on the face, hands and chest.
  • DARK CIRCLES – Dark under-eye circles are commonly associated with age, hereditary factors and lack of sleep.
  • FACIAL VEINS – Facial veins often form around the nose and cheeks in the form of spider veins and broken capillaries.
  • FRECKLES – Pigmented spots on skin are usually genetic, but may also be caused by regular sun exposure.
  • LARGE PORES – A condition marked by the appearance of tiny dark spots or empty pin-sized openings on the face.
  • LIPOATROPHY – Facial lipoatrophy, or fat loss under the skin, is caused by the breakdown of collagen in the face. This volume loss is a key factor in looking older.
  • ROSACEA – Rosacea is characterized by unexplained redness and flushing of the cheeks.
  • SPIDER VEINS – Very fine blood vessels at the surface of the skin in the face and legs.
  • SUN DAMAGE – Excessively dry, damaged or unevenly pigmented skin that results from years of sun exposure.
  • UNWANTED HAIR – Any excess hair found on the face or body.
  • WRINKLES – Lines in the skin caused by premature aging, sun exposure, facial expressions or genetics.

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**Please note that all consultations are $50, which is applied toward any service treatment OR any products within our office! 

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