Breast Pumps

baby with bottleIf you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you may be entitled to a FREE Breast Pump through your insurance carrier! There are currently TWO ways for you to receive your breast pump:


Option #1 – Through your Insurance Carrier:


Most PPO/HMO-plans offer a double electric breast pump for you to keep at 100% coverage (you will NOT pay any money out-of-pocket). Your insurance carrier should be contracted with either one, two or several different breast pump companies to provide you a breast pump. Usually, there are many styles, brands and models to choose from. You will need to contact your insurance carrier to find out the names of the companies so you may contact them, research the breast pump options, and then decide which one you want. Once you have decided on a breast pump & company, please contact our Prescription Coordinator, Rhonda and she will fax a physician’s order directly to your insurance.


Option #2 –Through Company, A Breast Pump and More (Affiliated with the Affordable Care Act):


This company offers a hospital grade breast pump (Hygeia) for FREE for you to keep. There are three different styles of Hygeia and the style you will receive depends on your insurance coverage and is chosen for you. (For detailed descriptions of breast pump styles, please refer website:  Our office will submit an order to A Breast Pump and More and they will check your eligibility/coverage through your insurance. You will be notified via email by A Breast Pump and More when processing has started. Once you are approved you will receive your breast pump by mail within three days. If for any reason you are NOT eligible to receive a FREE Breast Pump, this company will contact your insurance carrier to inform them. Your insurance company will then contact you to choose from one of the companies they are directly contracted with and you will proceed to Option #1.
Please keep in mind that insurance companies will NOT begin this process until you are 4-6 weeks from your estimated due date (34 – 36 weeks). You may receive your pump sooner, however, 4-6 weeks is standard to begin the process.

Please contact Rhonda Bryant with your preference via online portal or call her directly at: 415.831.2190 should you have any questions.