Essure is a permanent, non-hormonal birth control system that is performed in the office, unlike other sterilization procedures, which are done at the hospital (tubal ligation or hysterectomy).  Essure works by the placement of a small, flexible coil in the fallopian tubes that help your body form a natural barrier which prevents the ovum from being fertilized. This procedure is considered PERMANENT, and is not reversible.

The Essure procedure consists of a short office visit in which the coils are placed. The physician will first numb the cervix with Lidocaine, and a mild sedative will be given (You will not be “put out”, but you will need someone to drive you home). After this medicine is given, the Essure coils are inserted by the physician who is assisted by a specialized camera. Once the procedure is over, you will have a short recovery time in the room, and will then be sent home with aftercare instructions. Three months after the procedure, an HSG (hysterosalpingogram – imaging of the fallopian tubes) will be performed to ensure the coils are in place.


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