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Rejuvenation for the Eyes
The way the skin around the eyes (above and below the brow, and the eyelids) appears is a common concern for many people as the. Some worry about looking angry or irritated, while others fear looking tired or having dark circles under their eyes. Smile lines or wrinkles around the eyes are also frequent complaints. Fortunately, we live in a time where advances in science allow us to treat these concerns with little to no down time.


Frown lines
Botox is ideal for the lines that make us look angry between the brows. It works to soften the movement, improve wrinkles and lift the brows. The result is larger, brighter eyes, lifted brows and less wrinkles. Overall people appear more happy and less angry or irritated.


Dark Circles
The area under the eyes can be dark for a variety of reasons. Genetics, age, allergies lack of sleep and volume loss can cause the skin to appear dark. If volume has been lost, fillers (like Restylane) are ideal to inject under the eyes to improve hollowing and lift the skin. This lifting reduces the amount of light that collects under the eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Topical treatments such as medical grade eye creams or a color matched concealer can help lighten the area as well.


Wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet which occur with smiling are easily reduced with Botox. Botox treats the circular muscle around the eye to soften crow’s feet. Results are seen in 1-2 weeks and will last for 3-4 months. Lines and wrinkles that are present around the eyes when they are at rest or not smiling are best treated with Ultherapy or laser resurfacing. Both treatments stimulate collagen, but only Ultherapy uses a unique ultrasound to target it and has no downtime.


As we age we lose the fullness and length of youthful lashes. Latisse is a topical product (medical grade and FDA approved) applied to the lash line to help lashes grow longer, darker and thicker. Results are typically seen between 12-16 weeks.


Heavy Brow
 If you are concerned about a heavy or sagging brow line, Botox and/or Ultherapy can are perfect for lifting this area, giving the eyes a more open look with less hooding of the eyelids.

If tired eyes have you down, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skin care providers. We have everything you need to look rejuvenated and refreshed, and will create a customized treatment plan for you, whether you want to go for it all or just start with a new eye cream!



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