World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week will be held this year from April 24th-30th. This year’s global campaign focuses on closing the immunization gap and reaching equity in immunization levels by providing universal access to vaccines. Here in the United States, we are lucky to have access to life saving vaccines – many of which are covered by insurance. Many routine immunizations are administered during childhood, and most […] Read More

Liquids to Solids

Are you a new or expectant mother with questions about feeding your growing baby in that crucial first year of life? We understand that starting your infant on solids can be overwhelming, but understanding the process behind it can make it easier to integrate into your busy lifestyle. On Tuesday, April 12th at 12pm, Dr. Herbsman will lead a discussion on this topic.  Please contact […] Read More

Slow down aging with sunscreen

Skin Care Tips to Slow the Signs of Aging

No one wants to look in the mirror and discover a new wrinkle. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable. The good news is that you can take steps to slow down the aging process. Regardless of your age, the following tips will keep your skin healthy and radiant. Avoid Tanning While you may feel that you look more attractive and healthier with a sun-kissed tan, sun is […] Read More

Heal Your Wounds with Manuka Honey

The next time you dip your spoon into the sugar bowl, consider using honey instead. At 64 calories per tablespoon, honey is a source of simple carbohydrates and such essential vitamins and minerals as iron, protein, riboflavin, manganese and copper. But honey is more than a nutritional tool that never spoils. It’s a natural healer, too. An ancient remedy for healing wounds, rashes and burns […] Read More


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