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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us. So many places to go, so little time!  Why not take one (or more) chores off of your to-do list? ScriptDash Pharmacy brings your prescriptions right to your door. Whether you are at home or work, there is no need to step out into the cold, rainy weather…let them come to you!

ScriptDash is an on-demand pharmacy that delivers medications same-day, within 2 hours, directly to your house or office. Delivery is always FREE and prescriptions are the same price as your current pharmacy. ScriptDash automates the delivery of all recurring medications and makes it easy to manage your prescriptions through a beautiful mobile app and website. At no extra cost, ScriptDash will deliver your medication right to your house in an elegant discreet package, complete with plain English instructions, your medication and a small gift of artisan chocolates. ScriptDash accepts all major insurance companies and offers an amazing patient experience. You can start by visiting the website or downloading the iPhone app and transferring your prescriptions from your current pharmacy. It’s fast and easy.
Your first copay (up to $30) is FREE.



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