Makeup and Your Skin Care Routine

What does your daily makeup routine consist of? Do you prefer to put on a fully contoured face or just powder it and go? Whatever you do, there are many more benefits to wearing makeup other than just looking good! Mineral makeup is not new to the market, and has had a considerable buzz (both good and bad) since it’s debut in the mid 1990s. At Golden Gate Skin Center we exclusively use Jane Iredale ® cosmetics, which is “The skin care makeup ™”

Why is real mineral makeup better than conventional foundations and powders?

Real mineral makeup contains no talc (which is a filler, and whose carcinogenicity is not well understood at this time but is the subject of much debate), or other fillers that could cause unknown irritations or allergies and is, of course, non-comedogenic. So what’s the deal with mineral makeup and why is it better for your skin? The answer is four fold; Jane Iredale products have the function of being a foundation, concealer, sunscreen, and additionally, have active skin care benefits. The base for mineral makeup is titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are both physical sunscreens, meaning that they deflect the sun’s harmful rays (as opposed to absorbing them). Mineral makeup is also naturally color-correcting, so foundation can help conceal discoloration, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, broken capillaries, and more! The minerals used in Jane Iredale ® Makeup bind upon application to provide full coverage, and prevent running or smearing. The addition of oils and plant botanicals such as tea tree, rose, and pine bark help keep the skin smooth and blemish free.

As with many (skin care) products, when you are thinking about buying them at the drugstore or from a professional skin care setting (such as a medical spa, dermatology or cosmetic clinic), you will find higher quality minerals and less filler with a professional product.

So, even if you think you don’t have time for a makeup routine, a quick sweep of mineral powder over your face can have numerous secondary benefits than simply covering up blemishes.

At Golden Gate Skin Center we carry Jane Iredale’s full line of mineral makeup products from foundation to eyeliner. Stop in and talk to one of our experts, or schedule your complimentary makeup consultation today!


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