Medicare and Preventative Exams

Medicare and Preventative Exams

Navigating Medicare for new members can be both overwhelming and challenging. What we have learned as a medical office that has accepted Medicare Insurance for more than 50 years is this:

  • Medicare will cover Preventative Wellness Exams every 12 months
  • OBGYN providers do not perform the components of a Preventative Wellness exam as it is outlined by Medicare.
  • The yearly Preventative Wellness exam that OBGYNs perform is not considered preventative by Medicare and the cost for this visit may be the responsibility of the patient.
  • Primary Care Providers, Internists, and Family Medicine Doctors do perform the components that Medicare defines as preventative.

Our goal is for our Medicare patients to receive the complete range of medical care recommended, and for Golden Gate OBGYN to continue to be part of your care team by working collaboratively with your other physicians to achieve this. We value the physician/patient relationship we have established over the years and believe that it is in your best interest to see your primary care or internal medicine physician for your yearly Preventative Wellness Visits. As gynecologists, we have a more narrow scope of expertise and will always be available to you for gynecologic issues that arise.


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