We are a team of experienced, board-certified physicians and health care professionals committed to providing personalized, high-quality women’s health care. Please select a provider to learn more about their professional and personal background.



These four ladies make up five of Golden Gate’s managers. In addition to each department having their own dedicated manager to oversee that department’s workflow and set of roles, we also have two upper management staff that oversee the business operations, health operations, human resources, and staffing & credentialing. This group meets regularly to ensure all needs are being met, good patient care is being delivered, and that forward-thinking strategies are implemented. We always have at least one manager on site between 7AM – 6PM so feel free to ask for us anytime!

Golden Gate OBGYN

Medical Assistants

These are the Medical Assistants of Golden Gate OBGYN. These ladies are the right-hand women to our providers and are an integral part of your care team. Each provider at Golden Gate has their own dedicated medical assistant to help promote continuity of care and consistency for each provider. Since all the providers spend some time at the hospital caring for in-patients, they know that their medical assistant is back at the office, holding down the fort and preparing for the next day’s schedule.

Nursing Team

Nursing Team

Pictured are four of our five amazing nurses. We are so lucky to have the best nurses as part of our clinical care team. Lorraine, Emma and Kim (pictured wearing black) serve as our Advice nurses, providing patient care over the phone. They serve all our entire patient population, and their knowledge expands the entire lifetime of a woman, from the onset of menses to 99 years old and beyond.

Meghan and Judi are our full-time Obstetrical Coordinators, working alongside the physicians with the obstetrical population. From the time you schedule your first OB appointment to your six-week post-partum visit, Meghan and Judi will be there with you during your journey, touching base with you during milestones, coordinating outside care and tests, and being a resource should you need any. Meghan and Judi have several years’ experience as Women’s Health Nurses in both the clinical setting and hospital setting on both the L&D and Post-partum floors.

Clinical Administrative Team

At Golden Gate we have a room of CATs! They are actually our Clinical Administrative Team that we refer to as the CATs. This group of ladies help with all the back office work necessary to process medical records, file patient disability paperwork, process medical equipment requests, create and update consents, work with patients’ insurance policies to coordinate benefits and obtain prior authorizations, update policies and procedures, oversee inventory, and all the other clinical-administrative duties that any of the clinical teams or management need help with. They are a fun group of ladies with a lot of energy.

Patient Service Associates

Your Patient Service Associates team stands ready to assist you when you contact our office. This team assists our patients with their questions about scheduling, triaging telephone calls to the correct department for all your needs and are the friendly faces you see upon arrival.


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