Bowel Prep

Some gynecological surgeries require the patient to perform a bowel prep the day before surgery. Not all surgeries require this preparation, so be sure to ask your physician.

Begin bowel prep the day before surgery. HalfLytely (prescription) and bisacodyl bowel prep tablets (over-the-counter) produce watery stool to cleanse the colon. You should only drink clear liquids* on the day of preparation. Your first bowel movement may occur 1 to 6 hours after starting this regimen.

Bowel Prep Regimen:

  • 8 a.m. to 12 noon: Drink clear liquids* only for breakfast, and then one or more glasses of water and/or clear liquids every hour until noon.
  • 12pm: Take the two bisacodyl tablets with water (do not chew or crush tablets). Antacids should not be taken within one hour.
  • Prepare the HalfLytely solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. No additional ingredients (other than the flavor packs provided) should be added to this solution.
  • After you have a bowel movement or have waited for a maximum of six hours (6 p.m.), drink all of the 2-liter HalfLytely solution at an average rate of 8 ounces every 10 minutes (for about an hour and a half). Drinking each portion rapidly is better tolerated than gradually drinking in small amounts.
  • Uncomfortable abdominal bloating may occur before your first bowel movement. Your discomfort will improve by temporarily drinking each portion of HalfLytely solution at longer intervals or by stopping altogether until your symptoms disappear.
  • Once completing the HalfLytely solution, do not drink large quantities of clear liquids*.

*Clear Liquids

  • Water
  • Clear juices
  • Clear broth
  • Clear soda: 7-Up, Sprite, Gingerale
  • Coffee or tea (without milk products)
  • Kool-Aid
  • Popsicles
  • Jell-O
  • Gatorade

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before surgery!

If you are taking any medication for diabetes, hypertension, asthma, seizures or other medical conditions, please consult with your primary care physician or specialist to determine your dosage before surgery.


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