Post-Partum Instructions

Follow-up Appointment
When discharged from the hospital, please call to schedule a post-partum appointment at six weeks after a vaginal delivery or two weeks after a cesarean section.

Bleeding and Cramping
Bleeding and cramping should gradually decrease after delivery and may not completely disappear for four to six weeks. You may occasionally pass some clots or have heavy bleeding. Unless you are soaking a pad every hour for four hours, there is no need to worry. If you develop worsening abdominal pain, please call us.

Breast Feeding
Fevers are common as breast milk comes in. Occasionally, a duct or gland may get clogged and form a lactocoele. Continue breastfeeding and eventually the lactocoele will resolve and the fever will abate. If fevers over 101.5 persist and are accompanied by skin redness, this may be a sign of mastitis. Please call us. For other breast feeding problems, the lactation center phone number is (415) 346-BABY or (415) 346-2229.

Stitches from repair of an episiotomy will dissolve by your follow-up appointment.


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