Study suggest women who read Fifty Shades are more likely to engage in ‘unhealthy behaviors’

woman-reading-book-outsideReading fiction provides a healthy escape for many women. But a new study led by Michigan State University’s Amy Bonomi indicates that reading the Fifty Shades of Grey erotica novels may not be so healthy.

The novel series that depicts the sexual endeavors of a man and a woman character has been wildly popular, selling over 100 million copies worldwide. But the study’s researchers indicate the series contains “pervasive violence against women.” They believe its popularity and acceptance consequently has the effect of normalizing unhealthy risks and behaviors in womens’ lives.

The study compares women who read and did not read the Fifty Shades series. Of the 655 women between ages 18 and 24 included in the study’s survey, those who have read the first book are more likely to have had verbally abusive partners or partners that have stalked them via calls and text message. They are also more likely to have fasted or used diet aids.

The study further concludes that women who read the entire Fifty Shades series are more likely to binge drink at least six days a month and have had more than five sexual partners in their lifetime. The lead researcher, Amy Bonomi, admits there is no way to know if the unhealthy behaviors existed in these women before they read the series. But she believes that even if the books didn’t cause the onset of unhealthy behaviors, they could have reaffirmed them.

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