You Don’t Have to Look ‘Done’

So many of our patients worry that Botox or dermal fillers will make them look a little too “done.” We’ve all seen them — people with the perpetual deer-in-the-headlights look, no expression at all, crazy spock brows, or lips or cheeks that are way too full. But injectable treatments shouldn’t make you look like a circus sideshow. If they’re done right, you will look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Botox can soften frown lines, lift the brows and improve crow’s feet to make you look younger and more well-rested. Fillers can be injected under the eyes, into the cheeks or around the mouth in ways that eliminate concave areas without causing you to look weird or different. With these subtle treatments, friends may wonder if you’ve changed your hair or make-up, but that’s all. Don’t let the signs of aging get you down. Injectable treatments can make you look as good as you feel. Ask us how we can revive your youthful glow!


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